To Buckham West Members and Supporters:

Buckham West has been carefully following updates about the COVID-19 virus and its effect on our organization. As of Wednesday, March 18th, the organization is closed to all members and users until further notice. The staff will be here Monday- Friday between 9am-1pm to answer any questions that you might have. They may be reached at 332-7357.

We miss our members and those folks that we were accustomed to seeing every week. But knowing that they are staying at home is reassuring. We want everyone to be safe and healthy for the time when we return to our normal schedules.

Mona Kaiser, Buckham West Director

Update: April 9,2020

Buckham West remains closed at this time, due the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic that we are experiencing. The building is closed at all times, but phones will be answered each day from 9:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.  This will certainly continue through the month of April and will be reevaluated in May.

 Menu Change

Due to changes in the food distribution model, there are many revisions on the April menu. I have posted the revised menu on the Buckham West website.  You can find it at, and then click the Senior Dining tab at the top.  You will then be able to view the revised April 2020 menu.

Questions for Carla

Carla Pearson, LSW, a Senior and Caregiver Advocate for Three Rivers Community Action is another great resource for older adults in Rice County. Carla has a large array of services that she can provide, including completing applications for various programs like Medical Assistance, Nutrition Assistance Program for seniors and Energy Assistance.

She also has experience in working with those living with memory loss and can provide specialized education, screenings, resource referral and care planning for individuals or their caregivers. She can now be reached only by phone at 1-800-277-8418 x328.

Update: March 30,2020

If you are in need of resources during the next weeks or months, there are many places to look. But if you’re a senior or caregiver, I would highly suggest you start by calling the Senior LinkAge Line or Senior and Caregiver Advocate, Carla Pearson.

The Senior LinkAge Line® is Minnesota’s free statewide information and assistance service. It covers all 87 counties of Minnesota and helps connect you to local services. The Senior LinkAge Line® is answered from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays and remains open even during the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can also look for them on their website 

In addition, you may also reach out to Rice County’s Senior and Caregiver Advocate, Carla Pearson. Carla is a Licensed Social Worker for Three River’s Community Action. She has a large array of services that she can provide, including completing applications for various programs like Medical Assistance or Nutrition Assistance for seniors. She also has experience in working with those living with memory loss and can provide specialized support for individuals or their caregivers. Please call her at 507-330-7152.

Remember that we still are adding additional folks to join in our “Curbside Pickup” option. Check below for how to receive a meal!

Update: March 23,2020

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

             With the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a person looks at their life and circumstances in a different way. We become grateful for what we have and often feel compelled to do something for others. If you are looking for ways to pitch in and help, consider these thoughts:

  1. Order a meal from a local restaurant and have it delivered to an older family member, friend or neighbor. This gesture will help the business and cheer up the recipient.
  2. Make one phone call of encouragement each day to someone who is staying at home.
  3. If you are in a financial position to do so, consider sending a check to your favorite non-profit or church. Since their doors are closed until further notice, these organizations will certainly be feeling the pinch financially.
  4. Write a letter or mail a card to folks living in long term care or assisted living facilities.
  5. Offer to pick up a gallon of milk or fresh fruit for someone that isn’t (or shouldn’t be) going out.
  6. Mention to people that are age 60+ to check out our Curbside Meal program. More information on this below.

Although Buckham West is not open until the pandemic passes, the staff is here Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm answering the phones and assisting callers with resources and questions that they have. Please do not hesitate to call us at 332-7357. Our website and Facebook page will also have updated information as needed.

Update: March 18,2020

Meal Programs at Buckham West


While Buckham West is closed during the COVID-19 virus outbreak, adjustments are being made to the meal programs that are offered out of our kitchen. It is the goal of the hosting agencies to continue to provide these meals to those older adults that need it, but in order to limit contact, there are new precautions being implemented.

Meals on Wheels: The Meals on Wheels program will continue as it has always been. If there are changes to it, notices will be sent to each client in their delivered meal. Volunteers are still needed in order to make sure the clients are receiving this daily, critical meal. If you are unable to complete your route please call your contact at Three Rivers to request a sub.

Curbside Pickup Meal: Buckham West would also like to announce an opportunity for those individuals 60+ to receive a nutritious noon meal each day, Monday-Friday. In order to reduce contact, the normal daily congregate meal held in the Buckham West dining room will not be served until further notice. But don’t worry, because you may order and pick up a meal instead! (This is not a home delivery.)

These are the steps:

  1. Call 332-7680 (SEMCAC’s kitchen number) to order a meal for the following serving day.
  2. Plan to pick up your meal between 11:30-noon on that day.
  3. Park your car in the parking lot on the west side of Buckham West, 19 Division St. W. (other parking places may be used on north side if needed)
  4. In order to avoid contact, please do not come in to the building for your meal. The doors to Buckham West will not be open to the public. Your meal will be brought out to you in your car.
  5. The number of meals will be tracked on an order sheet in the building and a donation request letter will be mailed to each meal recipient by April 15th. Cash donations or green punch cards will not be accepted during this time. Meal cost continues to be a suggested donation of $4 for those people 60 and over.
  6. New clients are certainly encouraged to take part in this critical program. Here’s how:
    • When you call to place your meal reservation order, please indicate that you are a new diner.
    • There will be some questions that you will need to answer in order to get started utilizing this curbside pick up meal program.

Tax Prep and Defensive Driving

AARP Tax Aid program volunteers have canceled all tax appointments for Friday, March 20 and Friday, March 27th. This will give them time to evaluate the virus’ impact before cancelling any more appointments. The tax preparers have every intention of finding another date to re-schedule these appointments. We have phone numbers and will call everyone who is scheduled to have their taxes done to let them know that their appointment is cancelled and we will also call again to re-schedule you when a new date has been set up.

AARP’s 4 Hour Defensive Driving Class for April 9 has also been cancelled.  Once a new date is set we will call al those that are registered and get them re-enrolled.

December 2021 Menu