During the July 13 Buckham West Board of Director’s meeting, there were a myriad of topics discussed that were related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As are many non-profits, we are working on designing plans for full re-opening that are safe for staff and members. Here is the update as of now:

  • Coffee Shop- Our most well attended activity is still the riskiest for our membership. Trying to spread people out in the room and keep the surfaces clean is so challenging that we are not able to open up our building for coffee drinkers quite yet. The board has directed that we review this again at the next meeting on August 10th. Watch for another Coffee in the Park event to be scheduled soon!
  • Fashions on Central- The re-opening of our secondhand clothing store, Fashions on Central, has gone well. In fact, we are in the process of adding extra hours to the shopping day. Along with that, we are also writing the safety plan for receiving donations again. The details on this are pending and should be announced here next week.
  • Foot Clinic, Caregiver Support Group and Meditation Group- We have added these three programs back in to our schedule again. If you want more information please call us with your questions.
  • There are also many exercise classes that are being offered through Faribault’s Park and Recreation Department. These include several classes in our fitness studio and also in the pool. There are class size limits though, so call them at 334-2064 to reserve a spot.

Keep Learning

Are you interested in some great online education options? Check out the acl.gov website. If you haven’t done so yet, you will be amazed at the great courses, activities and virtual tours that you can access.

  • Learn from the pros. MasterClass Live is currently offering one free streaming class per week.
  • Browse more than 2,500 free courses available on edX.org. With subjects ranging from computer science to arts and humanities to foreign languages, there’s something for everyone.
  • Explore zoos and aquariums across the country, including Smithsonian’s National Zoo, through virtual behind the scenes tours and lessons. Many have live webcams so you can watch the animals any time.
  • Enjoy artwork from around the world. Thousands of museums and galleries have partnered with Google Arts & Culture to display their collections through virtual tours.
  • Tour one of the many national parks offering digital tours and experiences that you can access anytime.

 Shop Local

Since Fashions on Central, our gently used clothing store located in downtown Faribault, is the main funding source for Buckham West, it is vital that we open up our store to the community as soon as possible. So, I am happy to announce that our store is now open for business! Our store hours have been temporarily modified to allow for cleaning and maximizing the hours that our volunteers are available. We now are open Tuesday-Saturdays from 1:00-5:00pm.  In addition, we are requiring mandatory masks while in the store.

Please note that there will be no donations accepted at this time.

Tax Prep Cancelled

Buckham West has received word from the AARP tax prep volunteers that they will not be allowed to continue this service in 2020. If you need someone to complete your taxes before the upcoming deadlines, please check with other friends and family members for names of businesses that can assist you.

 AARP’s Driving Safety Classes

Buckham West has also been notified by AARP that they are cancelling all in-person driver safety classes for the remainder of 2020. As an alternative, they also offer an online version of their classes and have even provided a price reduction for participants.

Website: www.aarpdriversafety.org
Promo code for 25% discount:  DRIVINGSKILLS
If you are wondering about the continuation of your insurance discount, please call your agent as this is determined by your insurance company.


  • Curbside Pickup Meal- There is no noon meal served in at Buckham West until further notice. But you may order and pick up a meal instead. For more information please call the kitchen at 332-7680 or Buckham West at 332-7357. You can view the June menu on the Buckham West website at buckhamwest.org and click the Senior Dining tab at the top
  • If you need resources during the next weeks or months, there are many places to look. The Senior LinkAge Line® is Minnesota’s free statewide information and assistance service and is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. You can reach them by calling 1-800-333-2433 or find them at mnaging.org/advisor/SLL
  • Carla Pearson, LSW, a Senior and Caregiver Advocate for Three Rivers Community Action is another great resource for older adults in Rice County. She can now be reached only by phone at 1-800-277-8418 x328.